A Masterpiece for Bess (Disney Fairies)

Author: Lara Bergen
Illustrator: Judith H. Clarke

In A Masterpiece for Bess, fairy Bess is happiest painting in her quiet, out-of-the-way studio. When she paints a portrait of someone, she becomes a very famous fairy very fast!
Who was the subject of Bess's masterpiece?
Tinker Bell
Queen Clarion
Great job!

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About The Author

Lara Bergen has written more than 100 books, delighting readers everywhere with works from Disney, Nickelodeon and her own Sophie series. Fun fact: before becoming an author, Lara wore many hats - she answered fan mail for The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew and took notes at United Nations and U.S. Capitol meetings among many, many other jobs!

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About The Book

A Masterpiece for Bess is one of many installments in the Disney Fairies series written by Lara Bergen Bess is happily painting away in her quiet, tucked-away studio, enjoying the solitude and doing what she loves. However, when she paints what many fairies call her masterpiece, she's flooded with requests from fairies for their own works of art!

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